Oct 06 2015

Pet Store Puppies….Why?

Hi All – Waldo here.

I recently heard that another local pet supply store has resorted to selling puppies, and it makes me wonder what is wrong with them?  It’s bad enough that the store at the mall sells these poorly bred, diseased, puppy mill puppies, but now ANOTHER store feels like they need to support puppy mills and backyard breeders around the country.  When will they learn?  When will we stop supporting the irresponsible breeding of dogs?

All you have to do is search on the internet for “where do pet store puppies come from” and you will have a plethora of information.  And that information is pretty scary.  Pet stores that sell puppies are trying to get people to make a snap decision to take on a living being.  Not only does this support puppy mills and all sorts of “designer” mutts, but a LOT of these poor dogs end up at the shelter or pound when the real cost of having a dog is realized.  It’s a never ending cycle, unless pet stores take some responsibility and STOP SELLING PUPPIES!

If they want to have dogs in your store, they should have contacted the local humane society or shelter or pound. I’m sure that they would have been happy to let them advertise the dogs that need homes.  Look at PetCo – they partnered with the Jefferson County SPCA to find homes for dogs and cats.  What a great thing to do!  Instead of supporting an industry that contributes to dog overpopulation problems, they are helping to make a difference!  JP’s Animal Kingdom should have considered something like that, instead of selling puppies.  I’m just so disappointed.

This is where your pet store puppy might come from:

puppy mill

Or maybe here:

puppy mill 2

It is a terrible industry.  Tell JP’s Animal Kingdom to reconsider and STOP selling puppies.  I am just so disheartened by this.  I’m out 🙁















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