Jun 23 2015

June is “Adopt a Cat Month”

Hello again – Waldo here!

I just found out the June is “Adopt a Cat Month” and I have some friends here at the clinic that are looking for homes.  Now, living at the clinic is fine for some cats (mostly me!) but these guys really need a good, loving home.  And really, I just want my space back! Let me introduce you:


Juliet 2 4-14-15 Juliet 7 4-14-15

Juliet is a very sweet girl!  She and I get along very well and I think she would get along with almost anyone.  She is about 6 years old (but she won’t tell me for sure), spayed, and up to date on her vaccines.  She is so affectionate; she even likes having her belly rubbed – for real!

B.V. (aka: Black Velvet, Beaver):

DC-BV 4-6-15 002 DC-BV edit 4-6-15 001

B.V. (Black Velvet, but I call him Beaver) is a handsome young man, and way to energetic for me.  He is just over a year old, neutered and up to date on his vaccines.  He is very active and loves to play.  He will definitely need a lot of space and toys to keep him occupied.  He will also need housemates that can keep up with rough play, or just ignore him like I do.  He’s a bit of a talker and loves staring out the window at the birds.


Sterling edit 1-29-15 001 Sterling 4-6-15 005

Sterling is a regal old man – 13 years old, to be exact.  He much prefers to be pampered and observed rather than cuddling.  He can be a grumpy old man (worse than me) and hates to be held, but he will chase treats down the hall all day.  And if you have food, he’s your best friend!  He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines as well.  He would like to be an only cat, spoiled and regaled on a velvet pillow, perhaps with a crown.  Yeah, he’d like that!

June is almost over and these guys would love to have a real house to call home.  If you would like to visit any of my friends, please contact the clinic at 788-1711 to set up a time to see one (or more) of them.

You would be doing me a favor!


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